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[Podcast] Episode 8 – Climate Change: Reform or Revolution?

What is Climate Change? How is it related to the general ecological crisis? What role do corporations and capitalism play? How does it affect workers and other oppressed communities? Is there a solution to the ecological crisis? Reform or Revolution? Intro track – Nujabes “Color of Autumn” Middle track – 9th Wonder – “The Righteous Way to Go” Ending track – …

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[Podcast] Episode 7 – Vanguardism, Elitism, and the Movement

What is a vanguard? What are some misconceptions? Are leaderless movements possible? Or are movements always imbued with a leadership in one form or another? Intro track – Nujabes “Gone are the Days” Ending track – Nujabes “Spiritual State Disclaimer: The LAD blog and podcast’s political views do not necessarily represent the majority view of La Voz/Voice.

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