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[Podcast] Reflections on Horizontalism and Occupy

The Latin@ Asian Dialectic Podcast – a podcast by La Voz members; 3/4/14

This Podcast (no. 2; 3/4/14) is on Horizontalism- the “horizontalist”* method of organizing that social movements use. It’s methods were popularized with the Occupy movement in the US, the Indignados movement of Spain, and on other localized organizing movement. Both co-podcasters go into what it is, it’s origins, critiques and the type of democratic spaces we think are better suited for mass movements.

*Marina Sitrin in her book on the rebellion in Argentina after the 2001 banking crisis there says the term “horizontalism” was used to describe the neighborhood, workplace & unemployed assemblies that emerged to form “social movements seeking self-management, autonomy and direct democracy. (Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina, AK Press 2006)

Intro track: Apollo- “Blue Ruby” 
Ending track: Apollo – “The 11th Hour”


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