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Statement by the Local Coordination Committees in #Syria Regarding the Paris Attacks

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The LCC condemns the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, which led to many casualties among innocent civilians. We assure the general public that the Syrian people are completely aware of the catastrophic consequences of barbaric violence. We have been subjected to comprehensive terror by Assad’s regime and his partners in crimes against humanity, including ISIS. We have been warning, since the beginning of the revolution for freedom, dignity, and democracy, that the Assad regime would export violence in an attempt to distract attention from his crimes inside Syria. Today, while we are overwhelmed with sorrow and the daily victims, as well as the destruction we witness, we offer our condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris, and share their pain. We continue to work through peaceful methods to overcome dictatorship in all its forms.

We hope the consequences of the tragic events will not have a negative impact on Syrian refugees, who fled their home because of the terrorism perpetrated by the Assad regime and ISIS. We stress as well the importance of the need to support the Syrian people, both inside the country and abroad, in order to help us achieve our right to be liberated from tyranny and terrorism. Acceptance of Assad remaining in power after his crimes against humanity will not help in the fight against terrorism; on the contrary, it maintains the source of terrorism.

No act of terror, no matter how extreme, will derail our objectives to achieve freedom, democracy, and dignity for all.

May hope and humanity replace fear and prejudice. May all victims of terrorism rest in peace. And let us endeavor, together, to achieve justice.

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria

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