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IWL statement on the revolutionary process in Egypt

Written by International Secretariat – IWL – FI The revolution in the Arab World is still one of the centres of the world political situation; Egypt, one of the countries that shook the world with the fall of Mubarak in 2011, is still going through a revolutionary process with all its ups and downs. The strength and the heroism of …

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January 25th- Global Day of Solidarity With the Palestinians in Yarmouk

The local committee of the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, located in the capital of Syria, calls this Saturday, January 25, a global day of solidarity and fight against the terrible conditions that the regime of Bashar Al Assad imposes on its inhabitants. Yarmouk is the main Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. Formed in 1957, the product of the expulsion …

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Why do socialists participate in elections? Updating an “old debate” 

Why do socialists participate in elections? Updating an “old debate”*   *This first part of this article is based on a translation of an article by Cipriano Souza, (PSTU-Br.), Opiniao Socialista, (nº 348, August 2008)  and has been edited by La Voz de los Trabajadores /Workers’ Voice with alterations and additions, reproducing longer quotes of the selected original ones and …

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Brasil: Primera gran victoria de las movilizaciones

Suplemento CORREO INTERNACIONAL Escrito por Secretariado Internacional – LIT-CI Martes 25 de Junio de 2013 20:01 Los gobiernos estaduales y municipales retroceden con los aumentos del transporte El proceso de movilizaciones contra el aumento del pasaje de transporte público (trenes, metro y ómnibus) que estalló hace varios días y se extendió por todo el país (San Pablo, Río de Janeiro, …

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Ceremony celebrating the 30th anniversary of IWL gathers over than 800 people in Buenos Aires

Written by Editorial PSTU Brazil Wed, December 05, 2012 16:40 Thursday, 13 December 2012 13:26 Ceremony on December 1st touched everyone present and those who have followed the ceremony over the Internet It was a day worthy to be written in the book of history. Not only in the history of the Workers International League, but all the more than 800 …

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